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Proudly Making Cholov Yisroel Ice Cream

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Hi! I'm Matan. I'm 13 years old and I make all of this delicious ice cream.

When I was 9, my grandmother came over and said to my mother, “An appliance store near me is closing. Do you want anything like a stand mixer or ice cream maker?" When I heard that I jumped up and said, “I want an ice cream maker!” The next time I saw my grandmother she had the ice cream maker. I made my first batch the very next day. Then I just kept on making ice cream.

It is fun and relaxing to make, but I was making so much that we couldn’t eat it all.  I went around the neighborhood giving it out and everyone loved it.

After people eat my ice cream I want them to say “This ice cream is the best cholov yisroel ice cream I’ve ever had.”

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