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Ice Cream Scoops

A Bit About Me

Some kids get their business start with a lemonade stand in front of their house. Matan Moskowitz, an entrepreneurial 13 year old from Bergenfield, got his start with an ice cream stand. 


He was 9 years old when his grandmother gave his family a Cuisinart ice cream maker. Matan wasted no time making his favorite flavors. He went door-to-door before Shabbos giving out free samples. Soon news spread around the neighborhood that Matan made delicious homemade ice cream. In the 2020, Matan could be found on a Sunday afternoon sitting at a table in front of his house selling pints and half pints of over a dozen homemade flavors. Matan’s Creamery was born. 

Matan is passionate about creating high-quality ice cream that everyone can enjoy. Matan’s Creamery uses premium ingredients to create heavenly flavors rich with bold, satisfying textures. Some proclaim that Matan’s Creamery is the best ice cream they have had. Matan’s Creamery offers five distinct flavors – vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, coffee, and cinnamon bun.


Vanilla, a classic favorite, has a velvety smoothness that makes it a timeless indulgence. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate ice cream offers a decadent experience with its intense cocoa flavor. 


Cookies and cream is a delightful fusion of crunchy cookies and creamy goodness. Coffee has a bold and robust flavor that mirrors the intensity of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Cinnamon bun evokes the pleasure of biting into a freshly baked cinnamon bun with a blend of cinnamon spice sweetness and a creamy texture. 


Today, Matan’s Creamery homemade cholov yisroel ice cream is available exclusively at Grand & Essex Market in Bergenfield under the hashgacha of the RCBC. 

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